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Whether you are interested in cut flowers, potted plants, seeds and bulbs or orchids, you'll find something to interest you at Flower Market Road in Mong Kok. Hong Kong's premier destination for any type of horticultural interest this street dedicated to wholesale and relate decorative plants is a not to be missed attractions. 

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Located in Mong Kok just off of the Prince Edward Road it is an easy walk from the MTR and bus stops. Located within walking distance of the north of Nathan Road it is also an easy ride from Hong Kong island or the Airport via train or bus.
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Flowers and Plants

Both cut flowers and growing plants are to be found in the shops on Flower Market Road, while some shops specialize in a particular type or even in a specific genus such as orchids or roses, the majority offer a range of different types seasonally. The best place in Hong Kong to find any type of Flower Shop - Flower Market Road, off Prince Edward Road West, in Mongkok.

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