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What to Buy in flower market

Unfortunately live flowers and plants are not permitted on aircraft or through customs in most countries so purchasing options are limited for tourists to Hong Kong when they visit the Flower Market.

However a bunch of flowers for your companion, even if staying in a hotel, would surely be appreciated.  Alternatively there are many packaged goods that can be imported into most countries, but do check with your airline first.  Particularly note that while artificial flowers are accepted everywhere there are some countries that do not accept dried flowers for fear that they will contain bugs.

A variety of dried flowers, seeds, gardening tools, accessories and various fertilizers and things to make your plants healthier be it insecticides, fungicides or some of the exotic Japanese chemicals for savings sick plants.

Various decorative soil substitutes that look like crystals are available which combined with clear glass planters make for impressive table top displays.

During the periods before various festivals shops also carry decorations related to the festival, such as Chinese New Year and Christmas will see displays of appropriate decorations which you can mix with your flower displays.

What any tourist can take home from Flower Market Road of course is photographs and memories of fragrances and freshness not seen anywhere else in Hong Kong.

Please beware when taking photographs that the vendors here are in business and do not appreciate access to their shops being blocked by those who are not customers, so please take your photographs from a respectful distance and avoid obstructing paying customers. Thank you.


Flower Market Road

Not just the Flower Market Road itself but neighboring streets like Sai Yee and parts of Prince Edward Road are full of flower shops


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